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The kingdom of animals is populated by thousands of different creatures, each with a purpose and place in nature’s backdrop. Most of these creatures hold a fascination for humans, and all contribute to our environment. But none has the capacity of a dog for providing companionship and affection. Their emotions and expression being closer to human than any other animal.

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We have over 10 years of expertise in the field of dog training and rehabilitation.

  • Dog training course from SADTC - South Africa
  • Seminars with Ivan Balabanov-USA
  • Ian Dunbar-USA
  • Girard Bradshaw-USA
  • Canine communication & Animal Psychology course - UK
  • Arnold Kivago - Hungary
  • Nino Drowaert-Belgium

I came from totally ‘ground zero’ from a training perspective. I felt that Delano addressed my specific needs and yet offered a scope of training tips and techniques that allowed the more advanced trainers to practice or introduce a new behavior without having them feel as though the ‘newbies’ were ‘holding them up.


I got a stray 6 month yr old puppy in my house and after some we started noticing her dominating behaviour which was not acceptable.Delano’s one session brought such a drastic difference in my dogs behaviour that now we do not find any difficulty handeling her… thanks Delano for advice otherwise my dog would have been on streets today

Dipanwita Dutt

I think I am one of the privileged few who have not only had the good fortune of having their dogs looked after and trained by Delano and Tracy but also been extremely lucky to be able to spend time at Delriques Kennels and observe their care and maintenance of not only their own dogs but all dogs being kennelled and looked after by them. Delano’s interaction with the dogs is based on solid, traditional principles of love and respect along with a good understanding of dog behaviour and the science of correction. His own values and respect for live are highly evident in his interaction with animals and it is highly commendable to see that his own dogs, including his Rottweilers are of highly pleasant and amicable temperaments just the way they should be. Tracy’s natural affection and maternal warmth make her presence a real blessing for all the tail-waggers at Delriques Kennels, truly making it a home away from home!! You can actually see their dogs glowing with love n happiness it’s such a beautiful and reassuring sight :o) I wish Delano and Tracy every success in their endeavours and pray that they expand their services well beyond Mumbai so many more of us can benefit from their presence, learn from their own knowledge and experiences, and spread the message of responsible ownership and care! Warmest wishes, Devna :o)

Devna arora

To Delano, Having been one of our Learners on the course, here in South Africa, you have made us proud of your achievements and the professionalism and passion you put into your work with dogs. As we told you on the course “You will be great and go far in this field you have chosen, because you have your heart in what you do and the dogs welfare comes first. You keep up the great work you do and make the dogs in India and all of us in South Africa proud

Chris Van Der Westhuizen South Africa

I have never met Delano in person, But i take tips on phone almost every month from him on training my dogs(Rottie n a Bull) and to have a better understanding of their psyche.. He always helps me out with very simple but wise tips. Dude keep it up!!

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