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Welcome to Delriques Kennels. A premium, practical and family run facility, built with the health and welfare of pets in mind, where your family member will be taken care of with the highest standards set by the owners and operators of the facility.

We cater to different breeds, sizes, temperaments and family size. We realize that a kennel situation can never replace home, however emphasis is placed on each pet’s behavior and needs, and go a long way to ensuring a happy, healthy stay with a minimum of kennel stress.

Our experience in the ‘pet field’ has broadened the aspect of personal pet care. We specialize in training and lodging. While in our care, your dog will be given personalized attention, handling and loads of tender loving care. Run by dog and animal lovers and with a vet on call, we can assure your pet a comfortable stay for training or boarding.

About Delano

The kingdom of animals is populated by thousands of different creatures,
each with a purpose and place in nature’s backdrop. Most of these creatures
hold a fascination for humans, and all contribute to our environment. But
none has the capacity of a dog for providing companionship and affection.
Their emotions and expression being closer to human than any other animal.


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