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DELANO sir was suggested by an aquaintance . That’s how it started. Labrador being loving and very bubbly dogs never did we think about he needed training. As a three month pup who was hyper energetic we didn’t know how to control. But the way Delano sir trained him was great.
In fact we also were trained along with
My son is so proud while walking my Casper . Still follows each bit he was trained for while being with Casper.
The feedback /comments we get from locals , close friends and neighbours makes us proud — thanks to the trainer.
And then came Rohit sir from Delano sir. He is shadow of Delano . Casper enjoyed his phase 2 . I think Rohit actually can talk to dogs 😂.
We as dog parents will always be proud to be associated with the “school “.
One thing I would like to mention —once a dog parent approached and asked us “DELANO has been training your dog ?” It seems he had a doggo who was trained . So it’s like brand I would say .
Thank you once again .

Deleriques “


I have 2 big girls

I have 2 big girls one is Lyka- American Akita (loaded with attitude, aggressive) and Nora- Indian Mastiff (well socialised girl)
I trusted Delano and took a decision of keeping both my daughters for their staycation, I was pretty much impressed with the service provided
Lyka who has bitten almost 13-14 humans was handled off muzzle with just a normal leash, she seemed to be very much happy, even my mom eyes watered after watching the daily update video of Lyka as all were scared of her and was neglected in society so her world was just me mom and Nora that’s it, but now I can 100% be sure that both my daughters are in safe hands,
Thanks Delano for making me and my mom trust you and your team, I can just say that Thankyou is too short to express my feeling of how much impressed we both are,

Abhishek Sawant

First time pet owner, was on the verge of giving up, then came Delano.

I was a first-time pet owner and had decided to adopt an indie mix, didn’t think twice about it, but then came the real work. Past the cuteness there was a dog that seemed to have severe anxiety that led to fear based aggression. Started thinking about it seriously and decided to have Ace trained. Had mixed experience with trainers for Ace, eventually I had decided that I would try one last time. I somehow managed to get some time with Delano and he agreed to board and train Ace. Since then, I could never have been happier. I don’t know what he did, but he and the trainers associated with him gave me great confidence that Ace will get better with time and taught me how to recognise and manage his behaviour. I could never be more grateful and thankful to Delano; It’s because of him that Ace is still with me, and I am so much more confident with him. Ace D’Gaf (yes, coz he don’t give a f***) may still be a handful sometimes, but I wouldn’t have it any other way… Thank you Delano.

Reagan Lemos

Excellent training and boarding experience

We approached Delano for a boarding requirement for our dude Thor, a true blue German shepherd. This was just before our travel in March last year (2020) and we had planned a 2 week stay for Thor. We were happy with Delano’s knowledge and experience and also with the place. It is a nice secluded location where all pets have their own space and privacy.
When we returned from our trip, we couldn’t get Thor back due to the lockdown and were very worried as we could not even visit the institute. Delano assured us that Thor would be well taken care of and would also send us pics and videos of him whenever possible. Thor stayed with Delano’s team for over 3 months and came back a stronger pup. We also decided on getting Thor trained with Delano’s team for behavioral skills and obedience training. And it was a wonderful change for Thor. It was much easier to handle Thor post the training as commands and basic obedience was easily understood by him.
We highly recommend the institute for the skill and care provided!
— Joel and Bindu

Joel Karimpil

Exceptional trainer

Delano has always been an exceptional dog person! Once again he managed to give us a trainer, thia time Rohit, who managed to train our very insecure and aggressive indie. Pachinko, our pet, lived hom so much.
His team and him are magicians!!
Thanks guys

Kuhu Banerjee

“Adopt don’t shop” is what

“Adopt don’t shop” is what we tell people, cause there are way to many of our furry friends abandoned abused disowned etc but what happens when you adopt a Spitz who has had more than 4 to 5 homes in the past !
Dealing with a dog that was mouthing and super insecure and aggressive of bikes scooters and worse children!

In walks “Delano” and Merlin the Wizard like enchantment’s and I must say changed his negative behaviour completely, his methods and discipline gets the ball rolling from day 1
Today, as a result he not only listens when he is in his element of getting riled up but will calm down get distracted and listen to what he is being told!

Thank you Delano from the bottom of my heart

Alstin Savio Dsouza

Pablo, Dogo Argentino

Dear Delano and Team,
We Thank You all from the bottom of our hearts to get us to a situation where we can live hasselfree with our dog again, given the circumstances in which we got him to you. It indeed has been a rollercoaster journey for us as giving him up to someone else was never an option and keeping him with us was huge issue. Pablo is now a well behaved dog, we can see the difference in his mannerisms especially during walks where he does not pull us anymore and even at our home. Started with no ray of hope, we are now certain that with your technique, we will have a bright future with Pablo as You and Rohit are ensuring that we are enabled in the right way to handle him. Though we still believe that he will snap some day, we also feel comfortable and mentally equipped to mitigate the situation. There are no words of gratitude that are enough for what you have done for us, hope to have an everlasting relationship in future.

Thanks a million,
Alok & Aanchal

Alok & Aanchal Mhaskar

I’ve been in animal welfare

I’ve been in animal welfare for many decades now and have come across many so called trainers & behaviourists, some good some fake. Delano is one of the few I’ve been watching over the years & seen him grow. A quiet worker who goes about what he has to do without yelling about it from the rooftops. All my aggressive rescued dogs were sent to him for correction but I never had to use his services personally till now. My rescued dog showed signs that needed checking & on reaching out I discovered Khoram Irani. A student par excellence taught by an even more awesome teacher. In the first session itself we could see the difference. It’s thanks to trainers like Delano, Tracy & students like Khoram who imbibe whatever their teacher teaches them that even aggressive dogs have a chance of finding good loving homes. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Keep on climbing higher. Bless you all.

Nandita Saigal

Our dog, Noddy, is 3

Our dog, Noddy, is 3 years old and has been extremely stubborn and hyperactive always. However, this became a problem when he got aggressive towards others. We sent him to Delano’s place for training and the results have been very good. It is a great place for dogs to stay, play and socialise with each other. Delano has been extremely helpful and trained us on how to handle Noddy better also. He understands and loves dogs very well and is in this field because of that. It has been a very different experience from the other overpriced and money-minded dog trainers we encountered.

Suyash Nandgaonkar

Good training

I had two of my German Shepherds trained from Delano even though I stay in bangalore. The dogs would be unmanageable because of their temperament if not for Delano’s training.

Vijay j

Have known Delano long before

Have known Delano long before i got into the profession of training dogs. It’s one of the few learning experiences where one could learn less from theory and more from constant practical guidance is that i got from Delano. To begin with i just learnt everything about dog behaviour because i knew him personally, but today i know for sure that i learnt from the right master, knowing the kind of dog trainers that are out there and the kind of so called experts who are breeding such trainers. Today if client’s appreciate my work, it’s all because of the proper guidance and learning that i have received from Delano. I highly recommend anyone to learn from him if at all someone wants to become a dog trainer.

Khooram Irani

Proud, honoured and thankful to

Proud, honoured and thankful to be the first student to pass from Delriques training programme,
Had learnt dog training from so called celebrity trainers initially but I failed miserably in the field of dog training, But to my good luck I soon realised my flaws and decided to approach Sir Delano.
I had always been in awe of the man looking at the kind of obedience the dogs he had trained had and the pride with which their owners used to say my dog is trained by Delano, so I knew this guy was the best.

To be honest the first time I met him at his place, he was conducting a training session n I literally thought this guy uses some kind of hypnotism methods to control the dogs, How else is it possible to attain such level of obedience.
The best thing about him is he always leads by example, He will literally show you what and how it needs to be done and the different methods that can be used, not like other training institutes where they only teach by theory and just stick to one method of training.
I still remember in one of my last classes He told me Rohit I have showed you all that I know and I would be really proud if you learn and grow more, He always thought me there are different methods of training and it’s good to know and understand them rather than suppressing his thoughts n saying that’s the only way, Even till date he asks me to see different videos of various trainers, read their books so that I get a better understanding.

He is one fearless crazzy guy I have ever come across (sorry Lol), But he will not care about d Breed, size, aggression, nothing can stop or bother him, it gives me strength when I go for aggression cases because I know if I fail or I’m lost of options he’s got my back, n to me that kind of confidence really boosts me in my training field.

Thank you Sir, for giving me the opportunity to learn from you.

Rohit D'Costa

It is an effort to

It is an effort to go to the kennel . But once you reach there you will feel the journey was worth the time and effort. That’s how I felt . Well taken care off and in trained hands this is one place you can leave your pet with a sense of assurance that your dog is in safe hands. Thanks Delano and Tracy for your time and effort whenever I reached out.Would highly recommend their service.

Poornima Gupta

Thanx to Delano my entire

Thanx to Delano my entire perspective towards dogs n dog training has changed in the rite direction.
Privileged to have learnt in his training acadamy.
Recieved a lot of training and immense experience which has helped a great deal .

Also the kennel facility is very clean n has a good energy., n this energy is reflected on the dogs boarding there .
It’s a very well organised kennel and one can see the dogs there safe, well taken care off in every possible way .
Both Delano and Tracy are a very warm and sincere couple , who give it their 100 percent to the kennel . Glad to have met them and all the very best to them always .


The Best

Previously we had three dogs who though well behaved lacked formal training. Someone pointed out Delano for our Lab. The training was on point, sweet and when the lab looked forward to meeting Delano every month we realised that he is also a good human being. Over the years we have run to Delano with our problems and as recently as 2 weeks ago he helped and keeps helping my daughter who is in USA with her small pup and it’s training etc.
what I love about Delano and Tracy are that their love for dogs is real and not just a money making profession. I have the utmost respect for Delano and will always follow his advise to a tee.

Aparna somani.

Delano sir is very friendly

Delano sir is very friendly person with loads of knowledge and experience. If you really wanna have a bright future for you and your pet then sure he is the best man for the job. He uses different techniques to train ones dogs and not only he does it he makes sure that you do the same. He is really the best man for the job.

Chirag jain

Recording Engineer/ Sound Designer

Delano performs miracles with dogs. He trained my aggressive 1 year old English Mastiff into a docile pup. I had almost given him away, when I was luckily referred by an acquaintance to Delano. I stringly recommend Delano as the ultimate solution in dog training and behaviour. He is our very own Ceaser Milan. I continue to take advice even today with my new Akita…

Bishwadeep Chatterjee

I got Delano’s reference from

I got Delano’s reference from a another pet boarding as a specialist in handling aggressive dogs and their behavior. When i met him personally with my dog my confidence was upheld and i could feel that this man is in control and he knows his stuff. Delano has a wonderful facility for training dogs and their well being with trained staff. My experience was very satisfying and i strongly recommend Delano to people who want to train their dogs for behavior including aggression.


I don’t think Delano is a trainer. I think he is an amazing ANIMAL PSYCHOLOGIST

I don’t think Delano is a trainer. I think he is an amazing ANIMAL PSYCHOLOGIST. I met him first 5yrs ago when my great dane Roddur bit my father viciously and we’d no clue how to handle the situation. His trainer was a railway dog squad cop and had done things so wrong along the line that it needed MAJOR UNDOING. I couldn’t think of giving Roddur away…but how do I handle a 75kilo dog alone whose mind I cannot read,body I cannot control!!! Because nobody else in kolkata had a clue how to do it. Delano was the only person who helped me step by step everyday…taking each day as it comes…even each hour as it comes. Roddur was packed with energy and the only thing that kept me going was our bonding of love and the courage & psychological understanding Delano instilled in me.He even counselled my Dad over phone for hours. I remember at one time,i fell down the stairs as Roddur pulled me wildly.Got a shiny black eye & terribly injured…but instead of calling a doctor,I called Delano long distance!!! 🙂 Now Roddur is a gentle giant… But Delano is still our last resort when disaster happens. Last week my daschund bitch was on heat & Roddur got the smell before we could remove her to another house. Again it was Delano & his very simple basic advice that helped me bring him under control. And all this help without even having met Roddur for once… Just wish we had something like his centre in Kolkata!!!

Anindita Sarbadhicari

I have never met Delano in person, But i take tips on phone almost every month

I have never met Delano in person, But i take tips on phone almost every month from him on training my dogs(Rottie n a Bull) and to have a better understanding of their psyche.. He always helps me out with very simple but wise tips. Dude keep it up!!


To Delano, Having been one of our Learners on the course

To Delano, Having been one of our Learners on the course, here in South Africa, you have made us proud of your achievements and the professionalism and passion you put into your work with dogs. As we told you on the course “You will be great and go far in this field you have chosen, because you have your heart in what you do and the dogs welfare comes first. You keep up the great work you do and make the dogs in India and all of us in South Africa proud

Chris Van Der Westhuizen South Africa

I think I am one of the privileged few who have not only had the good

I think I am one of the privileged few who have not only had the good fortune of having their dogs looked after and trained by Delano and Tracy but also been extremely lucky to be able to spend time at Delriques Kennels and observe their care and maintenance of not only their own dogs but all dogs being kennelled and looked after by them. Delano’s interaction with the dogs is based on solid, traditional principles of love and respect along with a good understanding of dog behaviour and the science of correction. His own values and respect for live are highly evident in his interaction with animals and it is highly commendable to see that his own dogs, including his Rottweilers are of highly pleasant and amicable temperaments just the way they should be. Tracy’s natural affection and maternal warmth make her presence a real blessing for all the tail-waggers at Delriques Kennels, truly making it a home away from home!! You can actually see their dogs glowing with love n happiness it’s such a beautiful and reassuring sight :o) I wish Delano and Tracy every success in their endeavours and pray that they expand their services well beyond Mumbai so many more of us can benefit from their presence, learn from their own knowledge and experiences, and spread the message of responsible ownership and care! Warmest wishes, Devna :o)

Devna arora

I got a stray 6 month yr old puppy in my house

I got a stray 6 month yr old puppy in my house and after some we started noticing her dominating behaviour which was not acceptable.Delano’s one session brought such a drastic difference in my dogs behaviour that now we do not find any difficulty handeling her… thanks Delano for advice otherwise my dog would have been on streets today

Dipanwita Dutt

I came from totally ‘ground zero’ from a training perspective.

I came from totally ‘ground zero’ from a training perspective. I felt that Delano addressed my specific needs and yet offered a scope of training tips and techniques that allowed the more advanced trainers to practice or introduce a new behavior without having them feel as though the ‘newbies’ were ‘holding them up.


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