Animals are Just Different Species

We are all animals just different species, dogs,humans, cats etc .We either follow or are followed! Hierarchy among social animals is an important trait and a must for the survival of a species.

We need to understand that a puppy/dog comes from his/her litter & into our family (pack) thus making it important to maintain proper hierarchy and discipline .

Dog training is a must ,each and every dog should be trained and well socialized no matter the breed or size .Especially in a city like Mumbai ,we need good Canine citizens !

Humanizing is the biggest problem with city dog people .

When we train our clients ,we teach them all we have learned & give them our life experiences that we have learned from each and every individual dog and family we have worked with .

There are different thoughts of training out there ,city dog training and sport training are two very different things.

A dog should be thought through positive re enforcement but also should be conditioned with consequences.when the dogs natural instinct kicks in (prey,play,pack,fight or flight)he/she will not listen (no matter what positive re enforcement you use)that’s when you have to you correction (a consequence).

At Delriques dog training and boarding center we also conduct inboard dog training and boarding services for clients who don’t have the time to manage their dog during the training period,we also make sure your dog is safe as well as disciplined while having fun with other dogs.