Dogs training at Sports Protection Obedience Workshop in Mumbai

When it comes to adopting dogs, you are all excited and thrilled with the thought that a furry friend is coming home. But, have you ever thought if your little one is trained or not? The count of answers with yes would be less as many people think that training isn’t necessary. Well, we have a difference of opinion here, and for the same, we have come up with a dogs training workshop – Sports Protection Obedience, where we educate our visitors on how to train their dogs well.

A renowned dog trainer who has bagged the first protection tilted dog in India, Mr Chandra Shekhar, will lead the workshop. He started his career way back in 2006 by following other trainers on YouTube. Today, after achieving various certificates and working on international levels, he stands tall as one of the most loved dog trainers in the town. Apart from being a certified trainer, he also deals with Demanet Bite Suites and dog toys.

Sports Protection Obedience workshop will be held between 1st to 3rd October in Uttan, Mumbai and is spread out into 3 phases as follows:

Phase 1: 1st October

Here, Mr Chandra Sekhar will guide you on the following:
Selecting and raising a suitable puppy according to the requirements, obedience and competitive advanced training. We will also cover the science behind the various moods of a dog.

Phase 2: 2nd October

The second phase is based on the protection aspect and includes various factors such as Prey Drive Development, Rag to Suit work, Equipment usage in training, etc.

Phase 3: 3rd October

The last phase is mostly about understanding the behaviours of your dog, daily life obedience, socialisation, toilet training, etc.

If you wish to enrol yourself to learn basics to advance techniques of dog training, reach out to Delano Henriques: 9821752507 and Tracy Henriques: 9870952507

Dog training ! what is dog training? Dog training in actually teaching people to understand dogs .We just bridge the gap between two species of animals “Human & Dog .Yes yes don’t be surprised we humans are animals too !

Dog training in Mumbai-India is different I think. We in India are still catching up with the world of animal behavior and as a culture it’s still hard for people to understand why do they have to go out of their way to understand a dog or any other pet or animal for that matter.

As a pet dog trainer in Mumbai-India ,I feel it is of utmost importance to understand the family(each and every individual in the family)that has the dog and their life style ,understand the other environmental factors(the location where the family stays etc)while analyzing the dog .

In most Indian homes that have dogs you will find that it’s not all the family members that like the dog ,making it important for us as pet dog trainers to train the dog accordingly. Sometimes its important to cap unwanted drives, (as per the environment) and enhance the drive that is needed.

In a city like Mumbai-India people are so busy working they hardly have time for them selfes, making it harder to have and manage a dog .Before getting a dog one should first see if they (family included) can give the dog time for excercise ,will they be able to keep up with the cost involved in maintaining a dog ?Which include its food ,training, medications and veterinary bills. Remember a dog is a dependable just like a small kid or old parent.

Getting the right dog in a city like Mumbai is really important, a dog that can suit your life style. So do your research before get a dog .Research on the breed ,the sex and the bloodline .If you choose to adopt make sure you have done your homework on dog body language and temperament testing ,Also remember its important to train your dog .Training is better than leaving the dog in a confused state of mind (who I am in the pack,where do I stand in my pack ).Love and food are not the only things needed by a dog !