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The kingdom of animals is populated by thousands of different creatures, each with a purpose and a place in nature’s backdrop. Most of these creatures hold a fascination for humans, and all contribute to our environment. But none has the capacity of a dog for providing companionship and affection. Their emotions and expression being closer to human than any other animal.

I personally believe that each one of us has been made for a reason with a purpose. (In the words of the great ‘Elvis Presley’ This world is a stage and each one has a part to play).I have come into this world to be the dogs best friend and help people who don’t understand them, build a better relationship ! Enjoy each other company for life, and live a beautiful life together.

My family has forever had dogs in our house even before I was born, so one can state that the dogs came before me. My very own dog was a black Great Dane, Allan who was gifted to the family after the sudden sad demise of my father. After having him trained, he went on to win many obedience trails in the I.N.K.C.shows.

I personally handled him in all the rings that he was shown. I should say that this dog taught me a lot about human to dog relationship. I lost him in 1999; he proudly remains my very own foundation.

In 1999 I got a job in the U.S. Every time I returned on vacation I would frequent dog shows and carefully watch some of the trainers handle their dogs at these shows. My eyes and ears witnessed a whole different type of unprofessionalism as they would hurt and cause discomfort to the dog’s forget the numb stricken owners who only cared for results.

These cruel personal experiences created a will power in me to change all this and I decided to quit my job and show people what the real deal was as I decided to start training my self. Well some might say it’s a mistake but if one does not do what he is naturally meant to and gifted to, then all the money in the world would not mean anything. You can learn how to train dogs but you cannot learn to understand them as this has to come naturally from within one’s love, care, understanding and affection.

It is good to have your dog trained and entered in dog shows. But a lot of dogs suffer at the show or after the show if they don’t bring expected results, either by the hands of the trainer or the owner. (Where does the saying stand, winning is not what matters but participating is??) You cannot always win and there are many factors to winning, the dog and handler combination should work well, the dog should not be distracted and also every judge has his own preferences. And most importantly some clubs end up giving most of the top prizes to their committee members. So please do not blame it on your dog.

Please do remember if you are thinking of getting a dog, it is also a responsibility like having a child in the house or old parents. They do depend on you for their basic needs…like TLC (tender loving care) apart from their wants like food and water.

An easier way to understand them
One year of your dog’s life is sixteen, when compared to human’s .The second is nine and every year after that is five. ! Discipline first then love, in other words firm love in the first two years is a key to having a happy life with your beloved dog!!

I tend to prefer male puppies to female "that's what most would say" .But it is much better to have a female dog. As I have mentioned their age factor above, Female dogs are much calmer after their first period, whereas the male at this age starts showing dominance [male ego].It is the same as human behavior .Thus making it much better for first time owners to have a female dog.

The best working dog in India
Most of our today’s so called pure breeds are man made, for different purposes in the countries of their origins. And are best suited for working in those countries ,In our country the best all purpose working dog would be are local dogs [stray dogs].. Yes some of you may wonder why I say this! None of our pure breeds can withstand our weather like them [strays dogs].And they are as smart as any other breed!!

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