" I had Delano train two of my dogs(lab retriever and great dane), at first i had multiple behavioral issues, even as simple as walking on the road was a dreadful task since both my dogs are hyper active. Its been 3 weeks and i am truly amazed with the change in both of them, the personal attention and care for the dogs is commendable, most importantly he has educated and regularly conducted sessions with me so it becomes simpler to carry his teachings in his absence. A must for every dog's well being !!! Thank you Delano et Tracy !!! "


" I am clearly stumped for words..I am trying to figure out how to put down my extreme gratification, awe, appreciation in just a few lines. I was fostering an abandoned 3 year old Saint with severe hip Dysplasia and lots of behavioral issues. ( he was rescued from a slum!) However hard I tried I lacked the skill to control him (I am guilty of being an emotional pack leader) . Since i have a female Saint of my own it led to a lot of other chaos . My Saint was getting traumatized by his dominant personality (along with lots and lots of anger and aggression) I believe there are no bad dogs only bad pack leaders. It was quite obvious to me that though I understood the obvious reason for his behavior I was ill equipped to handle him. I turned to a lot of trainers for help. All of them had one thing to say ' He is not your pet..since he bites why take a chance?? give him back to the NGO. He is their problem not yours' This was not an option for me and I was not ready to give up on him. I was very angry with myself for not being able to take charge . Fate bought Bernie to Delano. I followed up on his progress over the phone and even went to visit him. Finally we decided it was time to bring him back home. Delano gave me lots of tips on how to handle him and the challenging situations that might arise. I soaked everything in but I would be lying if I said I was not scared. Delano has that easy relaxed authority over the dogs. He is in complete control of them without being a bully. Two days now since he is home and I am following Delano's invaluable tips to the T. I am shocked, amazed , fascinated at the positive change that have come about in him in just 2 weeks under Delano's care!!! Thanks to him I can now keep him at home till however long it takes to find him a forever home. It would have been impossible to achieve this without Delano. He dared to do ( and with great ease , at least it seems that way to me!!) what no other trainer was even willing to do! Delano you have the unchallenged respect of your pack and now please accept a the same from mankind! Thank you for doing what you do so well. Salute. "

Nirjaneerja_puri@hotmail .com

" I hand raised my Indian breed dog since she was 5 days old ,now 6 months old. If that was not hard enough she developed aggression issues and tried to attack me SEVERAL times.After just one session with Delano and STRICTLY FOLLOWING his instructions her aggression is a thing of the past. Delano was great , he was even available anytime on the phone and he gave me a cruelty free solution to my dog problem. A LOT OF OTHER BEHAVIORIST AND TRAINERS I had gone to for her problems in the past only made the situation worse. If you have a problem dog , do not think twice go to Delano. Thank you so much Delano "


" I got a stray 6 month yr old puppy in my house and after some we started noticing her dominating behaviour which was not acceptable.Delano's one session brought such a drastic difference in my dogs behaviour that now we do not find any difficulty handeling her... thanks Delano for advice otherwise my dog would have been on streets today "

sanika chavansanika.5july@ymail.com

" "A Dog is man's best friend " ..... but who is theirs ? ..... undoubtedly Delano :-) He may be a strict disciplinarian for his four legged students but they all know that beneath the strict outer shell is a heart that beats for them with a total unconditional & selfless love ...... and immense respect which gets reciprocated in equal measures , if not more :-) And Tracy is the human mother for all the canines at Deliriques ..... who only loves , pampers & protects them :-) Its not just my Kaiser who has got 2 lifelong friends in Delano (his balling buddy) & Tracy ..... I too feel lucky to have friends like the two of them .... always a phone call away for any help I may need with him :-) Thanks a ton !!!! ..... for all your help & all that you always do for these mute loveable man's best friend ..... All the Best !!! for all your future dreams :-) "

Dipanwita Duttduttdipa@gmail.com

" I am a owner of a male 19 months old rottweiler. I was having a terrible problem of his unpredictive behavior. He had almost bit everyone in the house. I was worried for him because I could not identify what was bothering him. And taking him for a walk was hell for me as he was highly dog aggressive. It went to such a point that no one except me had the courage to take him out. The last victim of his bite was my wife after which I too lost confidence. Now we were in a position were I wanted give him away.Then I thought I should give a last try by further consulting someone more authentic. I surfed through the net where I came across an interview of Mr.Delano, which was very convincing. I made visit immediately after fixing an appointment. We had a 2 hour session discussing the behavior pattern of my dog. Delano at the end of the session gave us few tips to be tried on the pet. I left deciding to use the tips as advised. To my surprise the tip worked the first day and I was like "wow". I kept the ritual constantly and today my pet is like a total change over. I AM VERY THANKFUL TO DELANO TO HELP ME OUT. Delano is a person who can understand the pet and has a capability to change the beast into a domestic one. "


" To Delano, Having been one of our Learners on the course, here in South Africa, you have made us proud of your achievements and the professionalism and passion you put into your work with dogs. As we told you on the course "You will be great and go far in this field you have chosen, because you have your heart in what you do and the dogs welfare comes first. You keep up the great work you do and make the dogs in India and all of us in South Africa proud. "

Chris Van Der Westhuizen South Africachris@sadtc.co.za

" To Delano, Having been one of our Learners on the course, here in South Africa, you have made us proud of your achievements and the professionalism and passion you put into your work with dogs. As we told you on the course "You will be great and go far in this field you have chosen, because you have your heart in what you do and the dogs welfare comes first. You keep up the great work you do and make the dogs in India and all of us in South Africa proud. "

Chris Van Der Westhuizen South Africachris@sadtc.co.za

" Delano is a wonderful trainer and my doggy just adores him. He has really weaved magic on her. After his very first visit we saw a very drastic positive change in my dog. in just month my Tipsy has become an adorable obedient doll from a hyper brat. Its truly a blessing to know him. "


" Delano helped me adopt an adult St. Bernard very recently. A short background about my pet: My dog is a bout 70 KG and reaches my waist while standing on 4 legs (I'm almost 6 ft tall). He was abandoned, and on the road for about 2 months. He thus learnt to use is size to intimidate other dogs and people. He would charge at any stranger and stray dog. He never had any rules in life, so simple commands like 'Sit', 'Stay' etc were unknown to him. Being as big as he is, it was very difficult to control him when he got hyper. Today, after spending 6 weeks with Delano, he is a very well socialized dog. He loves going on long walks with me, and never charges at people or strays. Most importantly, Delano taught me how to handle this big boy. He taught me that bad owners make bad pets. I already own 4 large dogs, and have raised them since they were puppies, but Delano taught me so many things that I didn't know or even think of. Simple things like walking ahead of the dog, using a choke chain the right way, and correcting the dog when he misbehaves, all with no harsh regimens or methods. It is important to remember, that while Delano is a trainer par excellence, he is first and foremost, an animal lover.I would highly recommend Delano to any dog owner for training as well as kenneling in their absence. The dogs that are kenneling with him are loved, fed, trained and played with like they were his own. Thank you Delano! Thank you for teaching me so much! "

Viplove Chavanviplovec@gmail.com

" I think I am one of the privileged few who have not only had the good fortune of having their dogs looked after and trained by Delano and Tracy but also been extremely lucky to be able to spend time at Delriques Kennels and observe their care and maintenance of not only their own dogs but all dogs being kennelled and looked after by them. Delano’s interaction with the dogs is based on solid, traditional principles of love and respect along with a good understanding of dog behaviour and the science of correction. His own values and respect for live are highly evident in his interaction with animals and it is highly commendable to see that his own dogs, including his Rottweilers are of highly pleasant and amicable temperaments – just the way they should be. Tracy’s natural affection and maternal warmth make her presence a real blessing for all the tail-waggers at Delriques Kennels, truly making it a “home away from home”!! You can actually see their dogs glowing with love ‘n happiness… it’s such a beautiful and reassuring sight :o) I wish Delano and Tracy every success in their endeavours and pray that they expand their services well beyond Mumbai so many more of us can benefit from their presence, learn from their own knowledge and experiences, and spread the message of responsible ownership and care! Warmest wishes, Devna :o) "

Devna arora9096661029

" I had a male 1year old spitz in my house since a year but then later I adopted a labrador retriever which was abandoned and both of them being males had territorial issues and used to fight and attack each other it was really difficult for us to live in such a condition where our two dogs were fighting so we had locked 1 in the bedroom and other in the hall after Delano's visit the condition improved so much that they not stopped barking at each other but also started living in 1 room this change that he bought in half n hour made our life so much easier thank you so much delano "


" I have never met Delano in person, But i take tips on phone almost every month from him on training my dogs(Rottie n a Bull) and to have a better understanding of their psyche.. He always helps me out with very simple but wise tips. Dude keep it up!! "


" I don't think Delano is a trainer. I think he is an amazing ANIMAL PSYCHOLOGIST. I met him first 5yrs ago when my great dane Roddur bit my father viciously and we'd no clue how to handle the situation. His trainer was a railway dog squad cop and had done things so wrong along the line that it needed MAJOR UNDOING. I couldn't think of giving Roddur away...but how do I handle a 75kilo dog alone whose mind I cannot read,body I cannot control!!! Because nobody else in kolkata had a clue how to do it. Delano was the only person who helped me step by step everyday...taking each day as it comes...even each hour as it comes. Roddur was packed with energy and the only thing that kept me going was our bonding of love and the courage & psychological understanding Delano instilled in me.He even counselled my Dad over phone for hours. I remember at one time,i fell down the stairs as Roddur pulled me wildly.Got a shiny black eye & terribly injured...but instead of calling a doctor,I called Delano long distance!!! :-) Now Roddur is a gentle giant... But Delano is still our last resort when disaster happens. Last week my daschund bitch was on heat & Roddur got the smell before we could remove her to another house. Again it was Delano & his very simple basic advice that helped me bring him under control. And all this help without even having met Roddur for once... Just wish we had something like his centre in Kolkata!!! "

Anindita Sarbadhicari

" When i saw Bruno after 2 months of training, i was not sure he was the same pup i left with Delano...he has changed a lot...Healthier & Smarter i must say....For a change he is calm, more active & is listening to me.... Trust me Taking Bruno (GSD)for a walk is like an achievement for me.... "


" I came from totally 'ground zero' from a training perspective. I felt that Delano addressed my specific needs and yet offered a scope of training tips and techniques that allowed the more advanced trainers to practice or introduce a new behavior without having them feel as though the 'newbies' were 'holding them up. "

Jitendra Bhatt

" I have been to one of Delano's training camps and found it very enlightening. Depending on the camps focus you will get many new training ideas. Both for competition (Conformation, Obedience, Draft, Agility) and for problem behaviors.
Delano is very apt at reading dogs, and coming up with innovative ways to solve problems that have not been solved conventionally. "


" Delano has saved so many dogs from a harsh training regimen. I know that, if my dog could talk, he would be shouting his support for Delano. Even though he is the source of evil temptations . . . "

Jatin Karkera

" He is the ONE person on this planet that I totally trust with my kids and my dogs and to teach my kids to train their dogs. "

Kirit Shah

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