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Pet boarding homes offers solution during holidays
I'll be honest. There was a slightly selfish motive when I volunteered to report this story. You see, my wife and I have had two cats for more than a year. We love them dearly but having pets isn't easy . For example, they can't be left unattende
19 Aug 2012

Don't fear the Rottweilers.
Keith Sequeira gets up close and personal with the Rottweilers, who are rumoured to be ferocious, but are extremely loyal, intelligent and even-tempered dogs.
14 Apr 2012

Training ground for your pets
Heavy Petting: About quirky pets and their quirkier owners.
04 Apr 2012

Dog educatinal seminar
An educational seminar on dog behavior and training .The seminar with be conducted by Chris and Christine Van Der Westhuizen, of S.A dog training college and kennels ( They are world renowned and have worked with the best !
16 Apr 2012

Family Dog Rescues 6-Year-Old Girl from River Drowning
On August 17, Tom and Marie Morgan of Ridgefield, Washington were walking along the edge of a tributary of the Lewis River with their six year-old daughter Taylor and family dog Maggie. The river was in full flow
17 Aug 2011
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